Reasons To Hire This DWI Attorney San Antonio

The law can be a stressful obstacle in one’s life when choosing to abuse the use of alcohol or drugs while driving a vehicle. It is important to stop and think about the repercussions for driving while intoxicated. With severe fines and steep penalties, it just does not make sense to violate this law. The very thought of being responsible for the death or physical disability of another should give you a reason to evaluate your driving decisions. However if charged with a DWI, your freedom should be the most important factor in your decision whether or not you will hire a lawyer.

Never represent yourself! It is a bad idea for someone who is not familiar with the legal system to risk their freedom. This San Antonio DWI attorney has the expertise and skills to give you the best possible outcome for offenses. If you contact this attorney immediately after you are charged, he may be able to save your driver’s license. Sometimes it is possible to get the charges dropped if the evidence is not collected and preserved according to the law. This attorney is familiar with the courts and judges, and he will use this knowledge of the courts to your advantage as he aggressively defends your rights when you are charged with an alcohol-related offense. He will work hard for a reasonable settlement in negotiations with the District Attorneys Office.

It is important to obtain his sound legal advice to protect yourself and maintain driving privileges. In Texas, if you meet certain criteria for your first DWI offense, this attorney will help you keep the arrest off your record. For a free consultation, contact to discuss your case.

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